Fort Sill FCoE 2020 Drill Sergeant of the Year selected

Updated: Jul. 16, 2020 at 10:27 PM CDT
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FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - Four Fort Sill drill sergeants have been competing this week for the title of the 2020 Fires Center of Excellence Drill Sergeant of the Year.

The first event started early Tuesday morning before the sun was up. The four competitors took on the ACFT, with everyone receiving impressive grades.

Other events included a range shoot, land navigation- where they had to plot and locate eight points only using a protractor and a compass, a 12 mile road march, then a knowledge board- where the finalists were asked a series of questions to showcase their drill sergeant expertise.

“The way they were able to take all the things that they’ve learned over their time as a drill sergeant and then put it into action under pressure in a board situation was pretty incredible,” said COL Daniel Blackmon, 434th FA BDE. “Watching them just do the things they do physically was next level and absolutely an inspiration for all the soldiers out there that they’re supposed to lead.”

The winner of this year’s DSoY competition: SSG William Crawford.

“I’m very excited. This is a goal I set for myself a year ago,” said SSG Crawford, FCoE 2020 DSoY. “It was hard to stay on this goal, just with the timeline and stress with being a drill sergeant and the long working hours, but I knew if I just stayed to it, stayed physically fit, kept driving on with studying and teaching trainees everything I learned from the academy that it would eventually pay off.”

SSG Crawford said he is eager to get started in his new role.

“The things I’m looking forward to is just helping out wherever I can, applying new systems and helping new drill sergeants come in, wherever any drill sergeant needs help,” said SSG Crawford. “I’m looking forward to just advising people about our drill sergeant program.”

SSG Crawford will continue on to the next level, the TRADOC DSoY.

Usually the competition is held at an Army Post, however due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year it will be held virtually the first week of August.

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