Fires Center of Excellence NCOA welcomes new Commandant

Published: Jul. 22, 2020 at 7:07 PM CDT
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FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - The Fires Center of Excellence Noncommissioned Officer Academy held a change of command ceremony Wednesday, welcoming CSM Erick Macher as the new Commandant on Post.

CSM Macher is now responsible for the training of future Fires NCOs at Fort Sill and across the Army.

Up to 2,900 NCOs graduate each year, going through the Senior Leader Course, Advanced Leader Course and Basic Leader Course.

“The expectations going into this position is not with just myself but the Noncommissioned Officers and civilians that we have work in this organization to continue to develop highly ethical leaders, especially through these unprecedented times, and then also honing in on their fieldcraft and their MOS proficiency as they come here for as little as three to six weeks,” said CSM Macher.

1SG Brian Clark was the Commandant for the last eight months. He said leaving the role is bittersweet, but that he learned a lot from it.

“It meant a lot to be able to lead from the position and just provide mentorship, leadership and guidance to those subordinates, as well as my peers,” said 1SG Clark, Senior Leaders Course School Chief. “So it really meant a lot for them to take knowledge and experience from myself and then to continue to move the academy forward over the last eight months.”

CSM Macher said 1SG Clark gave him some advice for his new role.

“Oh absolutely, transitions, the lessons learned, some of the techniques and procedures, especially how they’ve been operating through the COVID-19 crisis that we’re dealing with right now,” said CSM Macher. “But what I’ll bring is just, you know, I just want to bring my leadership and just to help the team any way I can, and it’s all about messaging and representation of this NCOA to highlight the great work that our leaders have been doing over the past years and recently these past few months.”

CSM Macher said this position, like every other in the Army, is a privilege and an honor. He said it is about what he can offer his team and how he can serve the organization best.

“I just want to hold myself approachable, accountable and be authentic,” said CSM Macher. “I just want to hold leaders to that standard, too, and just be a leader of Army values and abide by the NCO creed.”

The Fort Sill NCOA provides a critical pathway for NCO professional military education and leadership for field artillery and air defense artillery soldiers.

The Commandant is a crucial position that provides direction in the development, training and readiness of the backbone of the Amy’s mission to produce competent junior leaders who are prepared to rejoin their units and lead.

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