Lieutenants resume roles in Basic Combat Training, first time since WWII

Published: Jul. 24, 2020 at 10:27 PM CDT
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FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - Army Lieutenants at four Posts across the country, including Fort Sill, have resumed roles that they have not done since WWII: Assisting with administration and leadership in Basic Combat Training.

Captain Kevin Householder said the long time gap in the role was due to the Army’s fluctuating personnel strength, so lieutenants were needed elsewhere. This caused drill sergeants to take on the administrative load. But this year, the lieutenants have been able to step back into the role.

“This allows the drill sergeants to focus on training America’s sons and daughters from civilians into soldiers to serve the United States Army,” said Capt. Householder, Charlie Battery Commander, 1-19th Field Artillery Battalion.

“I do all the paperwork, all the administrative things so that when they get on ground, they can go straight into training, straight into making soldiers,” said Lt. William Edwards, Alpha Battery Executive Officer, 1-19th Field Artillery Battalion. “They’re doing what they need to do. Straight into making sure that things are getting set up, ammunition’s getting unloaded and everything so that we can be in training, and they’re not worried about the paperwork part.”

Capt. Householder said having the lieutenants available is an asset.

“Having the junior officers, or the platoon leaders in the battery, has given me the ability to have a representative around the training almost at all times, especially if I can’t be there physically,” said Capt. Householder. “But with the lieutenants, the platoon leaders here, it allows for myself and my 1SG to pay attention to the long range planning efforts of the battery. So it’s been an immediate asset having these lieutenants at the battery as platoon leaders for that reason.”

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