BACK TO LEARNING: Chattanooga, Frederick superintendents discuss re-opening plans

BACK TO LEARNING: Chattanooga, Frederick superintendents discuss re-opening plans

FREDERICK, Okla. (TNN) - As we head Back to Learning next month, school districts across the area are making decisions on how they’ll handle students being back on campus.

Chattanooga Public School officials have been working throughout the summer to get a plan in place. At every step of the process, they say safety has been their top priority.

“Our parents have to be confident when they’re sending their children to school that it’s going to be a safe environment for them to be in. The learning is important but right now, they have to have a safe environment,” said Superintendent Jerry Brown.

They’ve put plans in place for students to attend classes in person as well as virtually. They’re trying to be prepared but expect to eventually run into some issues.

“Your classrooms can you get your kids far enough apart, which is very difficult to do in a normal-sized classroom. How are you going to do lunch, we actually put an A and B lunch in for junior high and high school, with our elementary we’re going to stagger them throughout the school day. The buses are a challenge,” Brown said.

Because of those challenges, anybody entering any school building will be required to wear a mask. In Tillman County, Frederick Public Schools is not currently requiring masks, though they are recommended. They’re offering three plans for students - in person, online or a blended schedule.

“They would be able to take some virtual classes but then come back for some classes. Just kind of pick and choose throughout the day. A lot of times that might be extra-curriculars and stuff like that,” said Superintendent Shannon Vanderburg.

Frederick also anticipates running into issues at some point, so teachers are getting a head start on their preparation this year.

“We’re starting training for our teachers Monday, which is a week earlier than normal to try and get them up to speed with different things they’re going to have to do. Then of course, if we have to let out and go to distance learning. All those different platforms, we haven’t really done this much so we’re trying to catch up,” Vanderburg said.

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