BACK TO LEARNING: Tipton, Geronimo superintendents discuss re-opening plans

BACK TO LEARNING: Tipton, Geronimo superintendents discuss re-opening plans

GERONIMO, Okla. (TNN) - We’re just a few weeks away from school restarting and every school district is different in how they’re handling re-opening.

At Geronimo Public Schools, they have an in-person and virtual learning plan in place. Superintendent Bill Pascoe said students heading back to campus will see a few new safety protocols.

“We’re going to do some protocols such as checking temperatures as you walk in the door, checking temperatures when you get on buses and that kind of thing. But we’re going to try to have school as normal as possible and get these kids back in and do what we do,” Pascoe said.

Pascoe said they will be doing everything they can to keep the kids safe but that they are relying on parents for certain aspects of that.

“It’s going to be entirely up to parents how they want their children to act as far as masks and that kind of thing. It’s going to be strongly encouraged up here and yet, that’s going to be left to the parents to make that choice for what they want their students to do,” Pascoe said.

In Tillman County at Tipton Public Schools, they’re also recommending masks, but after discussions with parents throughout the summer, they also decided to not make them a requirement.

“It’s all about our stakeholders, we’re a small community. They’ve always supported Tipton Public Schools greatly, we wanted to get the word out to them and find out what their views were and build our plan and what we’re going to do for the beginning of the school around what they wanted and needed,” said Superintendent Steve Glenn.

Their plan will feature three options - in person, virtual or blended, allowing students to return to campus for certain classes.

“We were fortunate enough that a few years ago we went to a blended curriculum, so we knew some of the things that we didn’t want to do because of the things we went through then. But we also figured out a lot of things we can do and streamlined that process. It was a hard task, but it was something we had looked at before,” Glenn said.

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