Duncan Schools mandate masks

The school purchased 30,000 masks for each student and teacher

Duncan Schools mandate masks
After a vote yesterday, the Duncan Public School board voted to make masks manditory. (Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -

In a school board meeting Tuesday night, the Duncan Public School Board voted to make masks mandatory for the upcoming school year in the light of COVID-19.

Local physicians say that if everyone in school wears a mask, the chance of contracting COVID-19 drops by 85 percent. The Duncan Superintendent says the school’s decision is all about the data. 

”I understand that there is a mask controversy,” said Duncan Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan. “We worked with our local physicians from Duncan Regional Hospital. They provided us with the latest data, they had to try to make this decision based on the health and safety of our students. We owe it to our staff and our students to wear masks the school year, and again, hopefully, it’s just temporary.”

While some people feel like masks violate their personal freedoms, other folks just don’t find masks comfortable.

”Masks may be a nuisance, but they’re our best chance to have a normal school year,” said Deighan.

While the adults may take some time to adjust, some kids like high school Freshman Conner Williams say it’s no big deal. 

”I’ve already gotten used to it,” said Conner. “You just gotta wear it more. Eventually, you get used to it. It’s really not fueled overdramatic ties, things they make it worse than it actually is.”

Deighan says he’s so sure that the school year will be as safe as possible, he’s moving his office so he can walk the halls and be around teachers and students.

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