Walking to pray for school

Teachers not nervous about the upcoming school year

Walking to pray for school
Ellen Driskill, a special ed teacher, organized a prayer walk for the upcoming fall school year. (Source: KSWO)

Some Christians in Lawton Oklahoma consider prayer an action, so they are walking to pray for this upcoming school year. A Lawton special ed teacher started the prayer walk with the backing of Cameron Baptist Church. Even though the White House considers Oklahoma a “red zone” for coronavirus, she said she’s not afraid of the upcoming school year. 

“I’m not nervous at all, and I believe that God goes before me,” said special ed teacher Ellen Driskill. She said she knows she doesn’t have immunity to the virus.

“We put our students first, as we’re putting their safety first and we’re putting who they are first, and we’re going to make this year the best year absolutely possible,” said Driskill.

About 50 people walked to pray, including one school board member who said she’s not worried about the upcoming school year but prays for wisdom. 

”I just hope that we transition easily and quickly into school that people know teachers and administrators and students and parents know that there are many, many people who care about them and are concerned are going to do what they can to help them through this process,” said school board member Mary Bradley.

Most of the schools in the area will start sometime next week. This teacher has a piece of advice for everyone going back to school.

”Prayer can’t hurt anything and always pray without ceasing,” said Driskill. “The Scripture says, lifting everything up as we go. Prayer is just not stopping and bowing your head but prayer is an action word. So it is a lifestyle.”

Driskill said she believes prayer will help shield everyone from harm.

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