Local steer wrestler competes at Lawton Rangers Rodeo

Local steer wrestler competes at Lawton Rangers Rodeo-8/7/20

BLANCHARD, Okla. (TNN) -Friday is night three of the Lawton Rangers Rodeo, and a local steer wrestler is ready for his chance at the big money.

Makenzie Burk spoke with Apache native Blake Mindemann, on how his season is going.

It’s not a sport for the weak. Bulldogging requires a lot of grit.

“When it boils down to it, you’re latched up to a farm animal, and you got to get him on his side,” said Blake. “You can either make him do what you wanna do, or he’s going to make you do what he wants to do. And you don’t win very much when they do what they want to do.”

Blake Mindemann grew up around rodeo, and started steer wrestling early on. He made it to his first National Finals in 2018.

“It’s every rodeo guys dream, including myself,” said Blake. “It took me till I was 33 years old to get out there. To make it was a pretty neat deal to accomplish that.”

He says it’s something he couldn’t have done without the support of his wife and kids.

“Man if I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t even get to go to a rodeo, much less 90 of em to try to make the finals,” said Blake.

His wife Cynthia says they are out there helping Blake practice all the time. She says it’s a team effort.

“We’re out here when it’s hot,” said Cynthia. “We’re out here when it’s cold. We’re popping the gate. It takes a lot of teamwork. We’re feeding horses when he’s gone...catching things when they get out. We’re always around.”

She says she’s extremely proud of everything he’s accomplished, especially since this can be a tough industry.

“It’s fun to see him compete,” said Cynthia. “We’re really competitive. It can be hard sometimes. You know you’re home alone with the family, and you’re still trying to support him and taking care of the house and the kids. But it really is wonderful to watch these guys.”

“It’s just fun,” said Blake. “Getting to compete. There’s highs and lows. It’s a very humbling sport. You can think you’re on the top of the world, and then the next day you’re thinking what in the world is going on, what happened here.”

Blake rides Friday at the Lawton Rangers Rodeo which starts at 7:30PM. Tickets are $15 at the gate.

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