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First Alert 7 Forecast

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -

Good morning and what a toasty Thursday it’ll be! The heat advisory continues for this afternoon. Now air temperatures today will be in the triple digits.. 103° in Lawton, 108° Altus, 102° Duncan, 109° in Hollis and 110° in Vernon Texaxs... talk about a scorcher. The humidity isn’t going to help much today either. With dew points in the 60s, those feel like temperatures will soar today. We’re talking a range of 103° to 110°+.

Now today is the first day back to school for a few places around Texoma, it’s probably a good idea to send the kiddos to school with a water bottle so they can stay hydrated or an extra ice pack to cool off. By lunchtime air temperatures will be in the mid 90s but feeling more like 100°. As the kids are headed home from school today air temperatures will be above that 100 degree mark but factor in the humidity and those feel like temperatures will be closer to 105°.

August 13 4PM feel like temps
August 13 4PM feel like temps (Source: kswo)

The best practice would be to stay inside today with the A.C. or fan but if that is not an option for you today, here are some heat safety precautions to take during this extreme/ dangerous heat: If you find yourself outside, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. When it’s this hot and humid, your body has a hard time sweating (your body’s defense to cool you off). Stay out of the sun if possible but if you cannot, limit your time outdoors especially during peak daylight hours 11AM-6PM by taking frequent breaks, going to an A.C’d area or shaded place. Another tip is don’t forget the sunscreen!!! Apply it frequent and often as the Ultra Violet (UV) index is rather high today. Meaning, you’ll have a better chance at burning from the suns rays. Now this won’t apply to all but today and tomorrow especially, don’t forget about your furry friends! Allow pets inside and avoid walking pets on hot pavements/ concrete as it can burn their pawpads.

Now the bad news before the good news. Bad: It’s going to get hotter before we cool off. Tomorrow, we’re forecasting a high temperature of 105° in Lawton with the humidity also continuing. The good: A cold front will approach us by the weekend and just as it sounds, it’ll cool us off drastically!!! It’ll shift our winds northerly, and some showers and storms are also possible but overall the rain chances look to remain low. Some uncertainty remains with the timing of the front and how much rain we might be able to squeeze out.

Just how cool are we talking?? Well.. highs will drop highs into the low 90s to upper 80s for next Tuesday and Wednesday and also some more good news looking into the bonus forecast, the 6 to 10 day temperature outlook does have a low probability of Texoma seeing below average temperatures and so far the forecast follows suite. Highs to end the month of August are trending below average into the mid 90s under a dome of high pressure with plenty of sunshine.

CPC Temp Outlook
CPC Temp Outlook (Source: kswo)

Have a great day & stay safe!

-First Alert Meteorologist Lexie Walker

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