Fitness program keeping soldiers who are pregnant in shape

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FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - A program on Fort Sill is helping to care for soldiers during and after their pregnancies.

P3T Program Manager Samantha Henrickson suggests soldiers who are pregnant to start the program immediately and stick it out till the end.

“We go until the end or of course until it’s unsafe and a medical professional says you need to stop we’re done,” said Henrickson.

Henrickson said the program is set by the pregnancy trimesters.

During the first trimester soldiers are capable of doing all of the workouts and as they move into their second and third trimesters workouts become very limited.

“We meet Monday through Friday during the mornings we meet from 6:30 until 7:30. We do a wide of workout with the ladies, we do anything from strength to cardio, we have pool PT going on Fridays we really try hard to make sure they maintain throughout the entire pregnancy,” said Henrickson.

She said it’s not all about the physical part they also bring in experts to educate the women.

“From resiliency to nutrition, to swaddling a baby, feeding a baby anything any pregnant lady needs or postpartum. We do have postpartum education classes once a month,” said Henrickson.

P3T is looking to let husbands join the classes in the future so they can educate them as well

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