A Child Who Hopes: Oklahoma teen gets adopted after spending 4 years in DHS

A Child Who Hopes: Oklahoma teen gets adopted after spending 4 years in DHS

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A 16-year-old has a family after spending the past four years in the DHS system. We first told you about James on A Child Who Hopes last year. Karen and Jacob met him at an adoption party last year. DHS holds the parties as a way for potential adoptive families to meet kids in the system. The couple adopted a teenage boy a few years ago and went to the party wanting to adopt a girl.

"There was a whole table full of boys, and I was trying to make them comfortable," she recalled. "So, I said 'what kind of sports do you like?' and one said 'oh I like OKC Thunder' and another one said I like something else, another one crushed a can on his head and said 'football' and James said 'I don't like sports' and I said 'ok.''

After just spending a few minutes with James, their plans changed. They both had an unexplainable connection with the teen.

"When it came to them, I realized it might go a little further because the others would just talk to me for about 5 minutes, and I didn't see them again," James said.

He said he was shocked to learn they wanted to adopt him. James moved in with them in October of 2019 and was officially adopted in June of 2020. Karen said it's important to find somebody who meshes with your family.

"We're all kinda geeky," his new mom said. "We like the marvel comics and all the other geeky stuff, and we sit around a joke a lot. We have about the same kind of sense of humor, so I guess that's been something to help integrate him into our family."

Adopting kids is important to Karen and her husband. She grew up with an adopted brother and a foster brother.

"I don't know, it just seemed kinda natural, and something I wanted to continue. With us being a little older, I'm 40 and he's 44, we just felt like a baby wasn't for us and DNA didn't matter to us because my family is mixed and we have several other adopted family members," Karen said. "Family is just who you love."

And that's why it's game over for DHS as James has settled into living with his family. He spent four years in the DHS system, living in foster and group homes. He said there were times that he didn't think this day would come.

"There were times where I didn't want to do anything but lay in bed and cry," James said. "Now, I know that there is actually a chance for anyone."

Don’t give up is his message to others who are still hoping for a family to adopt them. If you’d like to adopt a kid in the DHS system, give them a call at 580-471-7942.

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