Community rallies to help Duncan 13-year-old robbed while running lawn business

Community rallies to help Duncan 13-year-old robbed while running lawn business

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A heartbreaking story of a Duncan 13-year-old being robbed while trying to operate his lawn mowing business, fortunately, has a happy ending.

13-year-old Jayden Powell has quite the lawn mowing business across Duncan. Unfortunately, his lawnmower broke down and while he was going door-to-door to tell his customers, someone robbed him, taking all of his money.

“We were all really mad about it so I posted on Facebook that something needs to be done about the thefts around here. That blew up because they realized he’s an extremely hardworking person,” said Chelsea Clark.

“There’s a lot of theft here in Duncan but to do it to a 13-year-old, that’s where I draw the line. That’s where I start getting involved,” said Paul Martinez.

Martinez and Clark helped set up a fundraiser, raising more than $200 for Jayden.

“In the midst of that, Eastland Mower and the owners there found out about it and offered to fix it for free. When he went they told him his mower was shot so they gave him a newer used mower and literally that day he was back out mowing lawns,” Clark said.

Jayden used part of the money to buy new lights for his bike and some on a new gas can, but he’s hoping to save for a bigger purchase one day.

“He’s saving up for a riding lawn mower to make his business a little bit better and get a little bit more business,” Martinez said.

Jayden didn’t want to do an interview but thanked everyone for their generosity. If you’re in Duncan and need your lawn mowed, be on the lookout for Jayden around town.

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