Fort Sill soldiers donates needed plasma to OBI

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FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - Fort Sill invited the Oklahoma Blood Institute to collect plasma from a number of soldiers who have recovered from COVID-19.

After learning that OBI needed convalescent plasma, Deputy Commander Megan McKinnon gathered together a particular battery that had a high number of soldiers who had recovered from the Coronavirus.

“There was a group of 77 folks that volunteered and 17 actually made inclusions and criteria to be included in this study,” said McKinnon

McKinnon said there is a reason for the huge gap of people who were and weren’t allowed to donate.

“The folks had an MMR or varicella vaccine in the last 28-days, so they couldn’t donate,” said McKinnon.

The process to collect the plasma that holds the antibodies takes a little longer than giving blood.

“What they are doing is normally you stick an IV in, take off a whole unit of blood with all of the parts. In order to get more antibodies it runs through a machine that gives the cells back and that way they are able to take more of the liquid and antibodies,” said McKinnon.

McKinnon is glad she was able to help OBI meet their needs.

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