Frederick football player hopes to inspire others by joining National Guard

Frederick football player hopes to inspire others by joining National Guard

FREDERICK, Okla. (TNN) - A Frederick High School football player has joined the National Guard leading up to his senior season.

Frederick senior Quinton Ellis spent his summer away from home at basic training for the National Guard. He said it’s something he’s always wanted to do and was an easy decision to make thanks to his family’s rich military history.

“My dad and his dad...I’m the sixth generation to be in the military. It goes back a ways, it’s kind of a tradition that I didn’t want to let die down. It’s something I always wanted to do as a kid. I’m just happy I’m finally making it come true. I want to encourage the people behind me in my family to do the same thing I’m doing,” Ellis said.

Head football coach Bret Tyler said Ellis approached him last year about missing summer workouts to join the National Guard. He said it was an easy decision to tell him yes.

“When you start thinking about kids that have played for you and kids that you’ve coached in the past and you think about those guys defending the country and representing you and your program, Quinton is a perfect example of that and I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing,” Tyler said.

Ellis said it was a tough summer but now that he’s back home, he hopes some of what he learned rubs off on his teammates.

“I hope it makes them strive to make better goals in life, make them be a better person, and do better with themselves than they ever have before. Kind of wisen up a little bit like I did. I’m happy I’m the one who went through that that can tell them we’re not in high school forever and this is one thing I’m really proud to be a part of and I hope all these guys do the same thing I did,” Ellis said.

Ellis got back in town just seven days before the Bomber’s first game of the season. But, it was a memorable one with a few big plays and a memorable celebration.

“It’s something to be proud about and I encourage everybody, the younger generations, and my Bomber family and everyone around who sees this that the military is a really good option to take. And honestly, I was just caught up in the moment, I was pumped up, trying to get everybody else pumped up and finish the game strong,” Ellis said.

Ellis had two interceptions in Frederick’s 16 to 3 win but when asked about his performance, he chose instead to talk about the performance of the rest of his team.

Ellis also made it a point to note that he is far from the only person doing what he’s doing, saying there were many others just like him at basic training that are also putting in the extra work.

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