Wavier allows students to eat for free

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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Students across southwest Oklahoma will be able to eat school breakfast and lunch for free over the next three months.

Wednesday, a federal wavier was extended to allow school districts to serve food under summer guidelines until the end of December.

“We are going to feed students here on-site at schools. So the students that are doing virtual school or even students that are not going to LPS right now but should be going to LPS we want to come and eat with us as well,” said Lawton Public Schools Child Nutrition Director Daniel Ghrayyeb.

Ghrayyeb said bus routes are being set up for virtual students to receive meals similar to how Lawton Public Schools did it this summer.

“We are looking at doing the entire city again and we’re looking at doing five meals every Monday so bus routes will be Monday’s,” said Ghrayyeb

The details are still being worked out but for now those five meals will cover each student for the entire week and for parents who recently paid for meals.

“So if you have already paid for your child bills for the month you can either leave it on and wait for the wavier to go away. Which may be at the end of December hopefully it’ll go longer,” said Ghrayyeb.

If you don’t want to wait, you can call the child nutrition office and they will refund your money.

LPS will have the full details on their website by the end of this week.

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