Nonprofit works to expand blessing boxes across Oklahoma

Nonprofit works to expand blessing boxes across Oklahoma

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A pair of Stephens County natives is working to help increase the number of blessing boxes in communities across the state.

Across southwest Oklahoma, blessing boxes have been popping up left and right, giving everyone a chance to help someone in need or be helped when they’re in need. As the boxes became more prevalent, Kim and Darryl Weaver saw an opportunity to help.

“Darrell and I saw a need in our communities, especially during the change in oil in our state unfortunately and then, of course, corona came after that. So, we had a lot of families in our communities that were in need of resources that hadn’t needed those in the past. So Oklahoma Blessing Boxes was founded in April of this year as we saw other boxes in other communities around Oklahoma, we wanted to continue to spread that and make it an official non-profit so others could be involved in it as well,” Kim Weaver said.

The boxes allow anyone to leave behind items like food or hygiene items for anyone who is in need to swing by and grab them. As the number of boxes grew, so did an issue of being able to locate them, which the Weavers worked to address through their website, where you can locate the box nearest to you.

“Most of the people in need still have access to technology now so they can key in their zip code and say OK, where is the closest place I can go to to have food. They’re open 24 hours a day so it’s not certain times, no windows, 24 hours a day they can come take what they need,” said Weaver.

The website,, also serves as a tool for those looking to get more involved in helping in their communities.

“The greatest among us will be our servant. This is an opportunity to serve whether like Kim said through a church or an organization, we’re all looking for places to serve and this is a great way to put food in the bellies of kids and elderly that are struggling. So, this is an opportunity to serve,” said Senator Darrell Weaver of Moore.

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