Lawton group attempting to recall Mayor Stan Booker, Councilman Jay Burk

Lawton group attempting to recall Mayor Stan Booker, Councilman Jay Burk

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A Lawton group has started the process of trying to recall Mayor Stan Booker and Ward Four City Councilman Jay Burk.

A Lawton group called the Freedom Defense Alliance believes Mayor Stan Booker and Councilman Jay Burk should be replaced.

“The biggest red flags are just conduct unbecoming of an elected official, someone who is expected to represent either a ward or the city. If they are not listening to everyone then every decision becomes one-sided. Not having equal representation for everybody, either voting on, performing or not performing, or doing things that they shouldn’t be doing that are either being swept under the rug or being not noticed by many but are noticed by a few, those are certain things we need to make sure everybody is aware of,” said Chad Hernandez with Freedom Defense Alliance.

The group has already started collecting signatures at the Buffalo Grove Coffee Shop. They will need 100 signatures, as well as a statement of the reason behind the recall to the City Clerk’s office just to get it started.

“The City Clerk has to do their part, the person being petitioned is able to write a rebuttal as to why they oppose this petition,” Hernandez said.

At that point, both statements would be put on a petition which will require a specific amount of signatures to trigger another election. That number is 20-percent of the total number of votes in the last Oklahoma gubernatorial election. For Burk, that number would be based on the total Ward 4 votes, for Booker, it would be based on the total city vote numbers.

“The end goal is to hopefully have people that are on the city council that will actually work at the behest of the constituents,” Hernandez said.

7NEWS reached out to both Mayor Booker and Councilman Burk Monday. Burk said he was not yet aware of the specifics behind the recall attempt so he couldn’t comment on that, but did say “I wake up every day and work for Ward 4 and have always done my job to make Ward 4 my priority, which is why my constituents have elected me time and time again.”

Mayor Booker also issued a statement in response.

“I don’t know the specifics of the recall, but I will say this. I start every day with a prayer for God to give me his guidance and to give me his wisdom. To give me ears to hear above the noise and eyes to see his way. Then I say what are you going to show me today. I will face this challenge the way I face every other challenge and that is head-on, today, tomorrow and the next day,” Booker said.

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