Masks required inside and how that impacts business safety

Masks required inside and how that impacts business safety

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Prior to the coronavirus, most banks and businesses did not allow customers to wear masks inside for security reasons.

But for many cities, it’s now the *law* to wear a mask in public.

It’s been a few months since the mask mandate was created for Lawton.

The manager at Fluffy’s liquor, an industry that experiences frequent theft, said there’s been no uptick in crime at her store.

“It was an odd transition but we are flexible. We feel safe with our customers, we still recognize people,” said Katie Mustonen, Fluffy’s Manager.

Mustonen said for her, the masks actually offer up a little piece of mind.

“I feel responsible for my employees, for some of my older customers. It’s inconvenient, it’s no fun but it’s not that hard," said Mustonen.

And while she can’t explain exactly how they keep track of it now that people are masked up...

“I don’t know if I want to tell people what we look for in shoplifters," said Mustonen.

She said the masks have changed how they observe customers in general.

"We’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing people by their eyes, I’ve never looked at eyes so much.”

Lawton Police said the mask requirement has created a change for how they interpret what is suspicious or not.

“We aren’t going to look at them covering their face, that’s not sufficient evidence. We are looking for others signs. Are they acting suspicious, doing things they aren’t supposed to be, loitering where they shouldn’t be loitering," said Officer Andrew Grubbs.

While he can’t speak for businesses, Officer Grubbs said the lack of crime increase should make businesses more at ease.

“There hasn’t been any threat that masks create, They don’t create any more threat than normal," said Officer Grubbs.

The mask mandate in town has no end date set.

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