United Way spotlight: The Lawton Food Bank

United Way spotlight: The Lawton Food Bank

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The Lawton Food Bank has stepped up in troubled times, making sure families don’t go hungry.

“We’re working very hard in the back to provide our drive through service and honestly, if we didn’t have the support from the United Way, I wouldn’t have the employees to get this job done," said Marny Skindrud, the Lawton Food Bank’s Executive Director.

Skindrud says the United Way provides them with a grant that covers employees salary for at least half the year. So when you donate, rest assured your money could be helping a family down the street.

“That means our other donors, when they donate, their money goes toward the food and helping the community because we don’t have to worry so much about employees income,” said Skindrud.

The Lawton Food Bank and the United Way have been partners for decades. Frank Myers, the Community Engagement Manager for the United Way says in a time of uncertainty brought on by Covid-19, the Food Bank will always be there.

“Before, during, and after Covid, Lawton Food Bank is going to be one of the greatest services in our region to make sure people have food security," Myers said.

When you donate to the United Way, you’re not only helping the Lawton Food Bank, but 16 other nonprofits as well. Myers says community support is what drives their ability to give.

“We’re all neighbors," said Myers. "If our community can come together to help those in greatest need, we are all better for that.”

73% of the money raised by the United Way comes from payroll deduction.

If you’d like to learn more about how to start that at your business, or to donate right away, visit uwswok.org

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