A Day in the Life: Field Artillery

A Day in the Life: Field Artillery-9/24/20

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -Whether you’re from Lawton, or just visiting the area, chances are you’ve heard the booming sounds of Fort Sill’s Field Artillery.

7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk found out what a live fire exercise looks like up close in our latest A Day in the Life segment.

The sound of Freedom...these live fire exercises are to help train the soldiers on how to be a section chief for the field artillery.

“We’re just pretty much shooting rounds for our students, so they can get familiar with different pieces on here as well,” said Staff Sgt. Talmon Coleman. “It’ll also give them the opportunity to see how each piece is different, and how they function when it comes to shooting.”

Staff Sergeant Jose Pagannegron says it takes several soldiers to operate each piece of equipment. the goal is to safely shoot the howitzers in a timely manner.

"A day like today is very important for the whole army because these are the future section chiefs that are going to be shooting artillery throughout the army, " said Pagannegron.

“Right now we’re aiming at a big firing area,” said Coleman. “This is pretty much a big safe zone for us here, that we’re pretty much going to lay waste to.”

Pagannegron and Coleman both say the most rewarding part of their jobs is watching the soldiers progress.

“I get to influence these NCO’s during the 5 weeks that I have them into making sure they are excellent section chiefs when they get back to the line,” said Pagannegron.

“I know that as we was privates growing up there was a lot of leaders we were like how did they ever make it there,” said Coleman. “So here we get to train them up so we can actually make the army better pretty much as NCO’s.”

The live fire exercises are a mandatory graduation requirement for the non commissioned officers.

Tune in next week for our A Day in the Life segment on the Air Defense Artillery Field training exercises.

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