Duncan community mourning after couple killed in weekend car crash

Duncan community mourning after couple killed in weekend car crash

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - The Duncan community is mourning the loss of two people killed by a suspected drunk driver late Saturday night.

“I really honestly don’t know that I can describe better parents. They were loving, caring, always together. They did so many great things for their kids. Every time you saw them, they were smiling and happy. They did so much for our community. When you think of the Cabrera family, you think of just happy, smiling kind-hearted people,” said Chelsea Shores.

“Isa and Eric are the people I want to be. Very supportive in the community, very supportive of the soccer team and their kids, the love they showed for everyone around them was incredible. Every time you were around them, whenever you left you wanted to be around them more. They made you feel like you were special in everything they did,” said Brandon Link.

The Cabreras were staples in the community, owning businesses and being present at countless events. They leave behind two children, who were also in the pickup at the time of the crash. The kids were taken to a hospital as well but have since been released.

“We will always be here to lift them up in our prayers and thoughts and continue everything they instill in their kids, which goes back to their amazing love. Love for soccer, love for their kids, love for other people, love for Duncan, love for Lawton, love for the community. They brought the community together,” Link said.

“These kiddos have been, their parents have imprinted on their heart so these kiddos will carry their parent’s memory with them wherever they go for the rest of their lives. It’ll be sad, it’ll be hard but we’re going to try to maintain a really strong front for these kiddos and let them know we really are their family from here forward and everyone in our community feels the same and we’re all going to be here for them,” Shores said.

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