Murder victim family not pleased with verdict

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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The family of Tyron Johnson is speaking out after the verdict came down this week for the man accused in his murder.

Almost two years after Tyron Johnson was killed, his family hoped justice would be served and Reginald Talbert would be found guilty of the murder.

However, that is not what a Comanche County jury announced.

Tyron’s youngest sister Maxine Johnson said she was in total disbelief.

“I was just thrown back it broke my heart. Me and my brother was very close and having a sibling and having them pass away I wouldn’t wish on the next person. Me and my family have been through the storm and we are getting through it and we just want to have peace," Johnson said.

Though the jury didn’t convict Talbert for the murder. He was found guilty of possessing a firearm after two previous felony convictions.

They recommended 25 years for his sentence.

Johnson said the family is glad Talbert is behind bars but struggles to understand why he was not found guilty of first-degree murder.

“The fact that he got sentenced for having a gun and violation of probation and not the death of my brother, we feel like its not justified and we are not satisfied with the results," Johnson said.

Johnson said Tyron’s killer belongs in the cells with murderers, not probation violators.

“When the tears drop it feels like it drops heavier this time around. The fact that we know who did it but yet he does not get charged for it. This time it does hurt,” Johnson said.

She added while they do not like the outcome of the trial, it is out of their control.

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