ELECTION PREVIEW: Senate District 43

ELECTION PREVIEW: Senate District 43

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - WE continue our election previews... this time, Senate District 43 is up for grabs between Republican candidate Jessica Garvin and democratic candidate Terri Reimer.

Senate District 43 serves roughly 80 thousand people from south of Duncan to west of Norman. The republican candidate Jessica Garvin said for her, God led her to run...

“I’ve said from day one I did not know if the plan was to win, but it was to run. So the day I filed I said okay i’m done," said Garvin.

In the primary, Garvin was able to keep the votes close enough to create a run-off, which she won against the incumbent... now she’s one step away from providing a voice to so many in her district.

“I want to be someone who can represent everyone no matter what side of the aisle they are on, and I want to be someone who is apart of the community and not just someone who shows up for banquets," said Garvin.

And if Garvin wins, she said her agenda, curated from going door to door includes increasing commerce opportunities, helping high schoolers realize what options are available besides traditional 4 year universities and dealing with the mental health and substance abuse problem.

“Because we don’t address mental health and substance abuse, we have overcrowding in prisons, in the foster care system.. so many other issues that go into mental health and substance abuse," said Garvin.

Democratic Candidate Terri Reimer declined to do an interview for this preview.

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