Construction underway at Lawton’s Ron Stephens Stadium

Construction underway at Lawton’s Ron Stephens Stadium

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The south wall at Ron Stephens Stadium that has been broken down for years is currently being replaced.

Despite the hole in the wall, Ron Stephens Stadium is still frequently used.

“It’s needed because we do play middle school football here, freshman and JV football here and soccer games here as well. When you come to a stadium you don’t want to see an eyesore and it’s kind of an eyesore. So you want to make it the best aesthetic that you possibly can so it has a great atmosphere for it,” said Lawton Public Schools Executive Director of Operations Jack Hanna.

Now, many of the original stones from the wall are being cleaned up and reused alongside a brand new gate, now allowing access to the stadium from both sides.

“It’s going to be nice then we can clean up and get rid of the chain-link fence and have an open area like it used to be. It’s great to see this happen instead of just being you go by it, you see it’s been there for x amount of years, and now we actually see something that is going to be aesthetic looking and pleasing and will make the atmosphere better for everybody,” Hanna said.

Fixing the wall was actually something included in LPS’s 2017 school bond proposal, which administration has been looking back through to ensure they are fulfilling all of the promises they made to voters.

“If you ask people to vote for something they should get what they voted for. If we told them we were going to build a new middle school, which we did, they should get it. There’s a lot of other projects involved ‚you can see it around our community, we’ve resurfaced parking lots, we’re securing elementary schools, doing some fencing projects, putting up some athletic fences, we’re going to start some work on Douglas. Those are some things that were promised in the bond issue and our goal is going to meet all of those promises,” said LPS Superintendent Kevin Hime.

The project is expected to take 120 days to complete. It’s going to cost roughly $160,000 to fix the wall. All of that money will come from the 2017 bond issue that was passed.

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