SWOK schools discuss snow days as virtual learning continues to progress

SWOK schools discuss snow days as virtual learning continues to progress

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed a lot of things.. but will it change the future of snow days?

With winter months approaching, school districts are creating their plans for what future snow days are going to look like.

Because of the integration of technology in the classroom, schools are more equipped to change snow days to virtual learning ones… but luckily for students… a lot of school districts in the area plan to keep snow days as just that. A snow day.

“If I decided we’re not having school.. We’re closing school and it’s a day out of school. We have days built into the calendar for this and so we’re okay," said Elgin Superintendent Nate Meraz.

Meraz isn’t the only superintendent referring to built-in snow days.

“One of the funnest things a kid can have is a snow day. So I would hate to take that snow day away from a kid and have them do homework on a computer. Right now if we have inclement weather we’re just gonna call it a snow day. We’ve got the time built into our calendar and we don’t have to make those up so that’s the plan for now," said Cache Superintendent Chad Hance.

The only way snow days at Cache would be virtual learning days is in the event of a large winter storm.

“As Oklahoma weather changes, sometimes we have you know ice storms where we could be out longer than 6, 7, 8 days. That’s happened in the past. It’s just nice to know if we did get in a situation where we could use those inclement weather days and virtual days to count as our attendance and days on role," said Hance.

And since snow days are pretty sudden… Students may not have the materials at home for virtual learning.

“Snow days are very unexpected, so we may not have a chance for children to have their laptops at home, their chrome books etcetera. The likelihood is if we have one snow day we probably won’t be able to implement a digital model with very short notice," said Duncan Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan.

The plans districts have aren’t set in stone and could change in the future.

Every school district in Texoma has its own plan for snow days.

Be sure to check your school’s website for information.

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