ELECTION PREVIEW: Inhofe, Broyles vying for Oklahoma Senate seat

ELECTION PREVIEW: Inhofe, Broyles vying for Oklahoma Senate seat

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - We’re continuing our election previews with a look at the race to become one of Oklahoma’s Senators.

Incumbent Jim Inhofe is being challenged by Abby Broyles. 7NEWS asked both candidates why they are running for this position.

“I saw firsthand how out of touch Senator Inhofe is with everyday Oklahomans. There was a story we were covering actually at Tinker Air Force Base with military families who were dealing with mold and asbestos at on-base housing. They called and emailed his office and didn’t get a response at all so they started calling the news stations and we started telling their stories. Around this time last year, he held a press conference after ignoring them for so long and he told these families how nice he thought their housing was and if it was this nice when he was in the Army, he would have stayed longer. It just again showed me how disconnected he is with the people of Oklahoma,” Broyles said.

7NEWS tried several times to set up an in-person or Zoom interview with Senator Inhofe. We were told he was too busy to do so, but were provided written answers to our questions.

“I’m running for three reasons: to continue delivering for Oklahomans, to work with President Trump to rebuild our military and to stand up against the radical socialist policies that are threatening Oklahoma and our country. I’m also working with President Trump to rebuild our military after it was cut by 25 percent by President Obama and VP Biden. Finally, we’ve seen how the socialists are trying to destroy our way of life - whether it is keeping our economy shut down and our schools closed or by defunding the police -- Oklahomans need a fighter like me in the Senate to stand up for our values,” Inhofe said in his statement.

If elected, both candidates have several issues they’d like to address.

“Health care is my biggest priority. Providing greater access to affordable, quality health care for every Oklahoman. Making sure we have our federal dollars going to public schools. I’m a product of Oklahoma public schools, those dollars should be going into our public-school system. Also, expanding rural broadband. I’ve heard from so many families that are trying to navigate distanced learning with their kids and often in rural Oklahoma they can’t even get access to the internet. So we need to expand rural broadband,” Broyles said.

“Liberals want to import failed policies from California, New York and Europe to solve our problems. We can’t allow that - it will destroy our economy, our jobs, and our families by giving government control over everything. Growing our economy with high-paying, high-skilled jobs is now more important than ever as we continue recovering. We need to keep investing in our education system at all levels while working to cut taxes and promote deregulation. This will support small businesses and families without crushing government control,” Inhofe said.

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