Apache residents clean debris off 104-year-old woman’s home

Apache residents clean debris off 104-year-old woman’s home

APACHE, Okla. (TNN) - Trees are down across southwest Oklahoma, causing damage to homes and vehicles.

The weight of the ice brought trees down across the area. In Cyril, a tree split apart right next to the elementary school. In Apache, the damage is more widespread with trees scattered across town and several homes with branches on top of them. That includes 104-year-old Leona Ford, who unfortunately looks to have gotten the worst of it.

“There’s a shed right here and a large pecan tree splintered off and took down the shed with her car underneath it,” said Apache resident Ron Roberts.

Community members already jumped into action this morning, grabbing their chainsaws and getting right to work to clean up the mess.

“Anybody that needs help, Apache people will help them. I was brought up here, I was raised here, and I’ve been here most of my life, that’s how Apache people do things,” Roberts said.

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