Downed power lines force woman to sleep in truck feet from home

Downed power lines force woman to sleep in truck feet from home

COMANCHE CO., Okla. (TNN) - A Comanche County woman spent part of Wednesday morning sleeping in her truck after downed power lines near Highway 7and Trail Road made it where she couldn’t use her driveway. Kelly Elemburg was stopped just feet from her house and forced to sleep in her truck instead of her bed. Elemburg said she saw a power line go down as she was driving on Highway 7 near Trail road.

“When the power line fell I called and said ‘hey, did we lose power?’ and he said ‘yeah,’” Elemburg said.

She said she went on into town and was surprised to see the highway closed as she headed back home. It had to be closed for at least three and a half hours.

Volunteer Firefighters with Cox Store also had to spend the night out there stopping traffic and telling drivers other roads they could take to get where they needed to go.

“I turned around down there,” she said. “And had to go all the way around this way, come around from the east, and I was still stuck.”

That’s because the power line that caused the road to closed was draped across her fence almost like a gate to her driveway.

“I’ll be sitting here for a while, I guess,” she said.

When 7NEWS anchor Haley Wilson talked to her, she had been there waiting for over three hours.

To make matters worse, she says while she was waiting, the heater in her truck stopped working.

“So, I’m stuck sitting out here in the cold” Elemburg said.

Elemburg said she was finally able to get inside her home around 3:30 a.m.

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