Health department gives tips ahead of Halloween weekend

Health department gives tips ahead of Halloween weekend-10/28/20

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -Halloween is this weekend, and if you’re planning on taking part in the festivities there are some additional COVID preventative measures you’ll want to take.

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, many are planning to take part in the celebrations, but the coronavirus pandemic calls for extra safety precautions in 2020, especially with the recent rise in cases in Southwest Oklahoma.

Comanche County Health department Regional director Brandie Combs says folks should remember to keep groups small, wash their hands and wear masks at all times.

“So we’re definitely considering Halloween coming up and all of the different activities that go along with Halloween,” said Combs. “2020 is just not typical , and so Halloween, we really hope is not going to be typical in that we hope that community partners will maybe reconsider some of the large scale events.”

Combs says if you plan on giving away candy, the best way to do so is to pre-package it so that many different hands aren’t reaching into the same bowl. Also, if you plan on wearing a scary mask, make sure there are no openings.

“A lot of times we’re hearing that the scary face masks are going to be in the place of this face mask and that’s really not going to be appropriate, so we know that the scary face masks typically have a hole in the mouth and so if you’re screaming at someone to scare them, you’re kind of defeating the purpose as far as trying to prevent the spread of this particular virus,” said Combs.

Combs says ultimately, if you decide to participate in Halloween festivities and later hear that someone at the same event tested positive for COVID, make sure you get tested too at the Health Department or another healthcare provider in town.

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