A Day in the Life: Physical Therapy Clinic

A Day in the Life: Physical Therapy Clinic-10/29/20

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -Being in the Army comes with physical challenges, and with that can come injuries.

In this A Day in the Life segment, we learn the importance of rehabilitation after an injury, as 7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk gives us a look inside the Reynolds Army Health Physical Therapy Clinic.

When a soldier is injured, whether from training, or while fighting overseas, getting them back to good health is a top priority for the ARMY.

“When there are injuries here, they come to us, and we help them get better, and get them on their way to return to duty, and do their job efficiently, which is one of the most important things in the army” said Sgt. Jessica Guffey.

The Reynold’s Army Health clinic provides physical therapy for all types of injuries.

“We have a chiropractor as well, so if they have a back issue, and need any adjustments,” said Sgt. Kassandra Johannis. “And then post-op. If there are soldiers that had to have operations because of an ACL tear or whatever, reconstruction of the knee, we help them get better from that.”

Sgt. Jessica Guffey and Sgt. Kassandra Johannis are both physical therapy technicians who help the soldiers do the exercises that are prescribed by the physical therapists.

“One of the most basic injuries, or common injuries is back pain," said Sgt. Guffey. "So we do a lot of core work. Because if you’re core is weak, we tend to compensate with our back. So we work on a lot of core exercises.”

Unlike Sgt. Guffey, Sgt. Johannis didn’t always know she wanted to go into the physical therapy field. It took an injury in Afghanistan, as well as the therapist who helped her recover, to push her this direction.

“She influenced me a lot with my choice in career because of how much she loved her job,” said Sgt. Johannis. “She loved helping soldiers, and she knew so much about her job, she just went above and beyond about being caring and compassionate.”

As to why she chose this path, Sgt. Guffey says the answer is pretty much the same for everyone...to help people.

“Just having them come, and as their discharged from their physical therapist, they see their physical therapist for their last appointment, and they’re discharged because they’re better,” said Sgt. Guffey. “And to have them come back to you and be like, ‘Thank you for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.’ is just very awesome to hear.”

For more information about the clinics hours, or availability, soldiers can call them at 580-558-2000. Patients can only be seen with a referral.

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