Lawton teen excited to compete for Miss Teen USA

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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Oklahoma will be represented by a Lawton teen at the Miss Teen USA pageant next week in Tennessee.

The road to pageantry for Danika Christopherson started at a time in her life when she was dealing with low self esteem, and being bullied in high school.

Which is what led her mom to enter her in the Miss Oklahoma Teen USA pageant in the first place.

It took four times competing, before she finally won the title of Miss Oklahoma Teen USA.

“I went through a lot of things in my life and I know everyone goes through things. Which I feel like being Miss Oklahoma Teen USA is just a representation of me conquering everything and conquering those trials and tribulations that I went through. I feel like it’s great inspiration for other people to look at and see okay just because she looks beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean she hasn’t experienced anything," Christopherson said.

Although 2020 will be a year for the ages. Christopherson said she’s found a bright side despite all the uncertainties the pandemic has caused.

“It’s crazy because with Covid and everything it hasn’t really felt like a traditional pageant but I’m grateful for that. Because it’s kept my nerves really low and I’m super calm and at ease with the fact that whatever happens is going to happen. I actually did my Miss Teen USA interview through Zoom, so that part of the competition is already complete. And I feel super confident and strong in that area of the competition," Christopherson said.

That isn’t the only thing the pandemic has helped her with during her journey.

“It’s definitely been difficult. I think it’s been difficult for everyone but I feel like it’s also taught me how to connect with people through social media. A lot of people tend to think social media can be fake or can tend to have some negative connotations towards it but I’ve used it as a positive light. I’ve been able to do live videos and interact with people who are following me too Miss Teen USA and I’ve also been able to reach people all across the united states and the world at that," Christopherson said.

She said within the past year she’s found a passion for voting and getting the younger generation involved too.

“I understand that politics can be quite scary especially if you don’t have a mentor to teach you how to register, how to go to the polls or anything like that. So with my platform and my goal as not only Miss Oklahoma Teen USA but hopefully Miss Teen USA is to expand my platform of voices of voters and create a less scary or more politics free conversation about voting,” Christopherson said.

She leaves November 1st to head to Memphis, Tennessee where the pageant will take place at Graceland on November 7th.

If you are wanting to watch the pageant, it will be streamed on the Miss Teen USA website at 9 at night.

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