LPS first health clinic is now up and running

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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Lawton Public Schools has opened up a health clinic for students, staff, and their immediate family members.

LPS has partnered with Total Wellness to set up a clinic inside of Douglass Learning Center on the east side of their building.

It’s the first time LPS has had a physical location for treatment.

“Staff and student safety is our number one priority during this pandemic. As we move towards cold and flu season, we want to make sure we have as much medical availability as possible for our students and staff so they can maintain their health to the best of their abilities," Chief Operation Officer Dr. Jason James said.

If students or staff decided to use any of those services, it’ll help the district find out faster what kind of sickness someone has and how they need to go about it.

“Such as if students have the flu instead of Covid. We’ll have that information that will lessen the burden for our registered nurses and LPN’s that work for Lawton Public Schools. So we can maximize their efforts on Covid cases and not chasing down Covid contacts for just the flu," James said.

James said he’s excited to add in this new addition because the clinic will be a vital asset to LPS.

“Having a clinic on campus gives them more convenience and they can also stay away from high traffic urgent cares and places like that. If they may be sick they have a less risk to contaminate people at the clinic or if they’re not sick then they have a less chance of being contaminated having to go ease their fears about their health," James said.

All you need is proof of insurance services are expanded from telehealth to flu, strep, and rapid Covid-19 testing.

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