A Day in the Life: Fort Sill Veterinary Clinic

A Day in the Life: Fort Sill Veterinary Clinic-11/5/20

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -Fort Sill is one of the only military installations with a veterinary clinic.

In today’s a Day in the Life segment, 7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk found out why that is, and what kind of things they treat there.

Since Fort Sill has working animals, including the working dogs, the half section horses, and the mascots, Big Deuce and Short Round, they were able to have a veterinary clinic right on post.

“We help provide a lot of the preventative care for, I think we have 12 or 13 half section horses right now,” said Cpt. Annemarie Petty. “We have big deuce and shortround as our mascot. So we take care of them, make sure they stay healthy. If there is any unfortunate emergency cases, we see them initially and help make a plan for them.”

Captain Annemarie Petty is the Officer in charge at the clinic. She says, they also take care of the privately owned animals on post, which helps maintain their skills as veterinarians and technicians.

“We mainly focus on preventative health care,” said Petty. “So that’s making sure that the pets are up to date on all their vaccines, heartworm prevention, de worming, flea and tick prevention. Any general health care diagnostic testing, doing blood work, fecal analysis.”

Petty says every day at her job is different, whether it’s taking care of the animals on post, or traveling to other bases to treat animals there.

“No day is the same, especially when an emergency comes up with the working dogs or the horses,” said Petty. “So I never wake up knowing what I’m going to be doing that day. Or if I do have a plan, usually it turns around pretty quickly.”

Sgt. Christian Degro, is an animal care specialist at the clinic. He says the staff at the clinic is small, but they all want to provide the best possible care to the animals in the community.

“I’ve always felt great with animals,” said Degro. “They bring joy to me, so I just want to return the favor to them.”

“Helping to provide the best veterinary care for our working dogs ..that’s why I came in, and it’s what I love,” said Petty.

Fort Sill’s clinic is the central clinic for the Oklahoma branch. They also treat animals from military bases across the state, including Altus Air Force Base, Sheppard Air Force Base and Tinker Air Force Base.

Tune in for our next A day in the life segment on the Fort Sill Chaplains, and their role in the ARMY.

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