Chattanooga FFA students build new pig farm, hope to help future students

Chattanooga FFA students build new pig farm, hope to help future students

CHATTANOOGA, Okla. (TNN) - The Chattanooga FFA program recently built a new pig farm that will increase the number of students who can be involved with the program.

Previously, only around 16 pigs could be housed at the FFA farm for Chattanooga students. Now, that number has nearly doubled to a pig occupancy of 35.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of my kids, we had students here every day after school,” said teacher Sadie Raasch.

“It was a lot of hard work, a lot of welding, headaches, long hours,” said Chattanooga junior Kadyn Fischer.

“We stayed up here after school on many days, not just because we had to but because we wanted to,” said Chattanooga junior Jorja Scherler.

The students were the ones who put together the new farm allowing the FFA program the chance to potentially welcome new students who previously had nowhere to house a pig.

“Them being able to house here when they couldn’t because they live in town gives them the opportunity to be involved in our chapter and feel involved whereas if they didn’t have this opportunity, they might not be as excited about being involved,” Raasch said.

The whole project took about a month to complete and the students say they are excited about what it will do for students of the next generation.

“My sister and all the kids that will be showing in the other years coming up, it will help them a lot,” Fischer said.

“Being one of the older kids that shows and loving all the little kids and helping all them and seeing them look up to us and wanting to show, with this setup we’re able to fit more families in the barn, little kids can have more pigs in here and it’s just all-around a great thing,” said Scherler.

Raasch said the FFA booster club was instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

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