A Day in the Life: Chaplain Corps

A Day in the Life: Chaplain Corps-11/12/20

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -The role of an Army Chaplain is multi-faceted. However, the mission is all the same, supporting the moral health and mental welfare of the soldiers.

In this A Day in the Life segment, 7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk learned what being a Chaplain in the Army entails.

Fort Sill has an average of 20 or more chaplains on the installation at any given time, and each battalion gets their own chaplain.

Captain Benjamin Letran is one of the only Roman Catholic Priests on post. He says, chaplains are sort of a jack of all trades.

“You advise the commander and commanders staff regarding the religious freedom,” said Letran. “And you support soldiers across the board. Although I’m a Roman Catholic Priest, I support everyone in the unit.”

Not only do they preach the sermons on Sunday’s or conduct bible studies, chaplains can go to the front lines as well.

“We can go to the field with the soldiers,” said Letran. “Even into the battle field. And that is what’s fascinating about chaplaincy. You can go out and be yourself, be with the soldiers, listen to them, loan your ears to them, and allow them to decompress themselves.”

Chaplain Letran is the Chaplain for the 3-6 Air Defense Artillery Regiment. Lt. Col. Nathan Minott says he is proud to have Letran in their unit.

“He does a lot of work for our catholic community on post,” said Minott. “As well as just internal to the battalion to kind of help us out and push us in that growth of spiritual aspect and our spiritual strength.”

Letran says, as a chaplain getting to work with different soldiers from different walks of life, has been a blessing.

“If you are there for them, with them, to support them, it means everything to them, and it means everything to me because I think that the value of life is to live and learn, and learn and live,” said Letran. “And to help other people around us to make the best of this earth’s journey.”

To be a chaplain in the Army, you have to be an ordained minister, or an ordained priest, among other requirements.

Tune in for our next A Day in the Life segment on the Dining Facility on post.

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