Marlow Elementary collects nearly 8,000 food items, $2,300 for Marlow Samaritans

Updated: Nov. 17, 2020 at 6:20 PM CST
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MARLOW, Okla. (TNN) - Students at Marlow Elementary School are making a difference by donating nearly 8,000 canned food items and more than $2,300 to a community organization.

For two weeks, students at Marlow Elementary School have been collecting donations for a very simple reason.

“To help people, you feel good and they’ll feel good,” said 9-year-old Sam Rush.

“To help people that lost their jobs of COVID and maybe aren’t making as much as money as they used to and just to give them a meal,” said 9-year-old Harper White.

“If people are homeless and they don’t have anything, or they lost their job because of coronavirus you can give them money or cans to support and help them,” said 8-year-old Nolan Johnson.

“It means a lot to them and that we can help them if they are homeless, we can give them a whole bunch of stuff,” said 8-year-old Cache Brumley.

“We want to help people because it’s the right thing to do and you can make a difference in their life,” said 7-year-old William Lynn.

More than $2,300 and almost 8,000 food items are all going to the Marlow Samaritans.

“My heart was just beating away because these kids have...they’ve just done so much for us and for the people who are in great need right now,” said Marlow Samaritans volunteer Cricket Holland.

“This is nearly 300 families we serve but 300 families, you’re talking four or five people in a family, so maybe 1,200 people in a community of 5,000,” said Marlow Samaritans Vice President Scott Dittner.

“We provide a monthly food bank but at Christmas time we try to provide twice as much, three times as much as we usually do on a monthly basis. This will make a big impact and make it really possible to provide a lot of food to supply their pantry,” said Marlow Samaritans Treasurer Mary Cobb.

The food drive for the Marlow Samaritans is an annual tradition at Marlow Elementary that grows each year because the students truly care.

“Their hearts are golden and they want to truly help people. One class wins a pizza party but to have everybody participate, that’s not the reason they do it. They do it because they care about people, they see a need and they rise to the occasion,” said Marlow Elementary School Principal Kim Kizarr.

Second grade teacher Kristie Scalf said they do their best to teach kids these values at an early age.

“It’s natural to think of ourselves first but trying to put others first, even if someone falls and drops their box somewhere, we help them clean it up and put it up. It starts there. When they start to bring in the cans to see and we talk about that we’re doing this for a cause for those that need the help. For them to want to do that and be excited about it is really fun,” Scalf said.

In addition to collecting the items, the school also separated and organized all of the canned foods to make them easier to distribute.

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