ODWC experiments with fly fishing success rates in Medicine Park

ODWC experiments with fly fishing success rates in Medicine Park-11/20/20

MEDICINE PARK, Okla. (TNN) -The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is working to increase the success rate of fly fisherman at Medicine Creek.

They are doing so by experimenting with a barrier net towards the Bath Lake area.

According to the ODWC, trout tend to be in deeper water to hide from potential predators.

However, that makes it harder for fly fisherman, because they often wade in the shallow water to fish.

The hope is that the barrier net will contain some of the trout to the shallow parts of the creek.

“This section of the creek here is quite a bit shallower than the rest,” said Southwest Region Fisheries Supervisor Ryan Ryswyk. “And so our thought is we will try an experiment, try to contain some of the fish up here with this block net. That’s just a fancy word for just a little barrier. And we’ll see what happens. We’ll see if anglers are catching fish, if they enjoy it. And we’ll go from there.”

While the goal of the ODWC is to conserve and manage fish and wildlife species, Ryswyk says it’s also about promoting fishing and hunting.

“We want our anglers to be successful,” said Ryswyk. “We want them to come out and catch fish and have a good time. Many people may not know that trout are not native. It’s not a fish that you’re going to find in Oklahoma without the intervention of the Department of Wildlife bringing them in and stocking them. So that’s kind of the goal of the program, is to get people out, get them catching fish, and putting a smile on their face.”

The ODWC stocks Medicine Creek 10 times throughout the winter starting in November.

Ryswyk says, at this time there are no rules or regulations preventing other fisherman from fishing the area, it’s more of just an experiment.

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