Ft. Sill leadership serves Thanksgiving meal to basic trainees

Ft. Sill leadership serves Thanksgiving meal to basic trainees

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - An Army tradition was in full effect at Fort Sill Thursday as leadership served the lower enlisted soldiers a Thanksgiving meal.

“For us to give back to the trainees that are attending the basic combat training, so I have a full complement of the cadre and the drill sergeants here and we are actually serving the trainees,” said Command Sergeant Major Ralph Chisolm.

“As a senior leader I’ve had the opportunity to do this deployed, in the Middle East, in Eastern Europe and also at previous stations but this is my first opportunity here at Fort Sill to have the opportunity to serve soldiers here that are undergoing basic combat training and recognize some of their outstanding achievements they’ve accomplished while here,” said Brigadier General Phil Brooks.

This meal is an important one for those who have worked their way up the ranks.

“I think it’s important to send a message to the soldiers within our organization that leadership cares and that’s exactly what this does,” Chisolm said.

“I believe that my success depends on the non-commissioned officer corps as well as the enlisted soldiers that you are surrounded by today and so it’s always important that I’m a part of that bigger team so that we can accomplish what our nation asks us to do,” Brooks said.

For the trainees, the meal serves as a way of easing the pain of being away from family and friends back home.

“This is really nice because usually my family has a big Thanksgiving dinner and it’s sad I won’t be able to join my family for that dinner this year but it’s like I’ve already built a new family here with all the trainees that we’ve spent the last few weeks together. It’s like we’re having a family meal together so it’s really nice,” said Private Aisha Abedayo.

“It makes a big difference, at least for me it does. My family is halfway across the country so being able to do something like this that reminds me of home with the people and friends I’ve met since I’ve been here, it’s a good touch. Especially for the holidays,” said Private First Class Terrance Warren.

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