Turkey day tips from Lawton Fire officials and ER physician

Turkey day tips from Lawton Fire officials and ER physician

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - It’s also turkey time Texoma with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

Families will be cooking loads of food, usually all at once, and Lawton Fire and an ER physician want folks to be mindful of some Thanksgiving safety tips.

When it comes to the thanksgiving Holiday - Lawton Fire Officials say they typically see an influx of calls, mostly centered around incidents in the kitchen.

“Try to be as present as possible when cooking the food. It’s super easy to walk away and get to doing other things and you forget about the turkey cooking or something on the stove top... next thing you know there’s a fire,” said LFD Asst. Fire Marshal Anthony Garibay.

Garibay said another common issue involves the process of frying a turkey. He said there’s a few things to monitor including the oil levels, or ratio between oil and turkey.

“I’ve even seen where people make what we call turkey bombs. They try to put a frozen turkey in thinking it will work. Don’t do that. You have an extreme cold going with an extreme hot. It’s just devastating and you basically create an explosion,” said Garibay.

A local ER physician said often times Thanksgiving is pretty busy. Aside from burn victims, they also deal with heart attacks, strokes and other every day issues.

“It can range quite a bit, we’ve had some really busy Thanksgivings and some not so much. One common thing -- I have never made it through a Thanksgiving shift without seeing at least one burn,” said Dr. Robert Hancock.

Now it’s not just cooking related issues Dr. Hancock said you need to be mindful of... it’s also the pandemic and the rising number of cases.

“Given the overall situation right now with COVID, I’d like to see some smaller gatherings, see people use common sense over the holidays. Especially try not to expose the most vulnerable people - the elderly and those with medical conditions,” said Dr. Hancock.

Garibay said that’s also on the minds of fire officials, who will respond to every call no matter what.

“We want everyone to be safe, and to be mindful of the virus and that’s its prevalent in society. No matter what we will be responding but we will be keeping us safe as well as you all safe.”

In regards to frying turkeys, many tutorials are available on line and be sure to stick to the oil fill line on your pot.

Garibay said it’s also a great time to check your smoke detectors, and be mindful of open flames around decorations in your home.

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