Local Agriculture teacher being noticed for exceptional achievements

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CENTRAL HIGH, Okla. (TNN) - Another Central High teacher has won a national award, shining light on what has been a uncertain school year for educators.

After 43-years of teaching agriculture Ron Curry has added another award to his lengthy collection.

Curry was one of six teachers across the nation to win the 2020 National Association of Agriculture Educators Outstanding Service Citation Award.

“It’s based on activities I’ve done helping my ag teacher association and that’s intertwined with producing good agriculture students our FFA members. Over my lifetime we’ve brought stuff in trying to do more for my ag teachers. We as a group are selfless as far as helping everybody else and sometimes we forget to help ourselves,” Curry said.

Curry says he’s done countless things to keep FFA members active while in the program...but this being one of his favorites.

“Doing things locally, getting the community involved. We’ve helped locally like with out Christmas dinner or in Stephens County and they feed dang near three-thousand people a year now. Just getting our young people involved with community service and letting them know what it is and getting my ag teachers excited about this is something we’re doing, not just for yourself but the community and for your state,” Curry said.

Curry said he hopes this award with help people remember the things he’s done and accomplished during his time at Central High.

“I was excited, humbled, also that people thought of me to nominate me and put me into position to receive this. It also made me feel good that people recognize that we have done something,” Curry said.

FFA President Makenna Fishgrab said Curry is deserving of the award, as he has played a big role since she joined the FFA program.

“He’s has inspired me to try more and new things and continue on a path and keep my head held high and be confident in everything that I do,” Fishgrab said.

Fishgrab hopes to inspire others the way Curry has inspired her.

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