Former Comanche Co. Judge recovering COVID says it’s time for SWOK to take it seriously

Former Comanche Co. Judge recovering COVID says it’s time for SWOK to take it seriously

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Retired Judge Allen McCall said masks were an every day thing for him until he slipped up over Halloween Weekend.

“I wore these faithfully for 8 months, I let my guard down one weekend and i’m sick, in COVID ICU. This is not a hoax, it’s not the Chinese Flu this thing is a predator,” said Allen McCall.

A week in the hospital, he said it was scary for him, and the fellow community members he saw struggling everyday.

“Sometimes every ten minutes they’d have a code blue, seeing them do to the next crisis,” said McCall

And now that he’s home, he says it’s time for the community to do what they are supposed to do, and support hospital workers.

“Our community and really SWOK is really good about supporting our military heroes, our pole and fire and first responders. I’d like to see that same support for the medical community,” said McCall

One of those is wearing masks... something Lawton Mayor Stan Booker said council members and city staff are working to enforce more strongly.

“We’ve been working on increasing compliance to the ordinance up to now, but the council is working on increased enforcement going forward,” said Lawton Mayor Stan Booker.

This will be discussed at the council meeting next Tuesday.

“It’s imperative that we increase mask wearing because of the situation at the hospital,” said Mayor Booker.

Officials with LPD say so far, not one citation has been written for not following the mandate.

LPD said they have done numerous compliance checks, though no citations have been written.

The department also attributes some of that to not being able to be everywhere at once.

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