State health coalition raising awareness about the Coronavirus

KSWO 6pm Newscast- First Half - clipped version

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - As COVID-19 cases are steadily rising, Oklahoma health care professionals are working to keep the public informed about the dangers of the virus.

The Healthier Oklahoma Coalition is led by Jean Hausheer, an eye surgeon at Dean McGee Eye Institute in Lawton.

She said the goal is to give straight-up answers to the public about the virus, so they’re not misled by social media or other sources.

“Our Coalition task-force has been meeting since early April of this year specially on COVID-19. We represent all the leadership for the professional healthcare organization across the state. We’re meeting on a regular basis now coming out to the public so that we can provide bedded, truthful dialogue,” Hausheer said.

This week they discussed COVID-19 Infection Rates and Growth, the impact of COVID on tribal health services, hospitals, and surgery, and the growing need for convalescent plasma.

“We’re trying to cover topics that seem relevant at this moment in time. Last week was a different moment in time right? So we hit different topics at that point. Sometimes we base topics on by what our patients are asking us because there is some confusion on their part,” Hausheer said.

Hausheer said discussing topics over zoom meetings isn’t the only thing they’re doing to bring awareness.

“We are the Got Masks campaign and so across the state of Oklahoma, particularly on social media the public should be able to see our Got Masks campaign. It’s a very non- polarizing, neutral, basic campaign effort we started early on,” Hausheer said.

She said they are also working with municipalities across the state to start or extend mask mandates.

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