A Day in the Life: Foreign Liaisons

A Day in the Life: Foreign Liaisons-11/26/20

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -Fort Sill has the largest number of foreign nations represented they’ve ever had on post right now. In this A Day in the Life segment, 7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk explains the importance of maintaining a working relationship with other nations military’s with their foreign liaison officers.

There are 13 different nations represented on Fort Sill. They’re called foreign liaison officers.

“The foreign liaison officer is in charge of connecting our army to the U.S. Army, and vice versa,” said Major. Vincenzo Formisano, Italian liaison officer.

Major Formisano has been at Fort Sill for 2 years now. He says working with other nations is important for the military.

“Differences make us better,” said Formisano. “Especially if we talk about Army’s. It’s unbelievable. We cannot work alone, so in the field we will always have other allies close to us. So it’s important to deal with different cultures, with different customs.”

Wils Hein is the liaison officer for the Netherlands. He says working in a building with 13 different countries...every day is different.

“The importance is that you’re in the same building,” said Hein. “You can exchange all your ideas. Not only on military ideas, not only on Army, or FIRES, but also the cultural aspect. You’ll learn a lot from all the different countries.”

Major Formisano says working in a different country, specifically at Fort Sill, has been a wonderful experience.

“I found there is very friendly people on post, and even outside,” said Formisano. “I can tell you that my daughters right now are attending school outside post, and we are so happy. And they don’t want to come home, so this is a problem.”

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