Duncan city council to discuss masks, and a possible mandate at Thursday’s workshop

Duncan city council to discuss masks, and a possible mandate at Thursday’s workshop

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A petition last week asked for Duncan City Council to discuss a mask mandate.. while it didn’t happen at the actual meeting, it is on the agenda for a special workshop.

“Anytime you have citizens who are asking to explore and make decisions, I feel like we need to listen to them,” said Councilwoman Patty Wininger.

One Duncan mom, raising a high risk child said she’s hopeful about the workshop. That it’s sincere and not to just please those who have expressed interest in a mandate.

“Although they aren’t holding a vote, they can afterwards. I hope this can be a chance for real communication real discussion. And a chance to communicate.. I hope people come with open hearts and minds and not using it as another chance to get up on their soap box,” said Katherine Farrow.

At this workshop, council members, and others in Duncan will talk about the pros and cons of a mandate. But no vote can be taken unless council members take a further step.

“We can call what is called a special meeting and that requires 3 councilors to agree to ask for a special meeting,” said WIninger.

But, Farrow said her real issue is how polarizing this has become for Duncan..

“A big part of the problem is that people on both sides of the issue are forgetting who they are talking to. We’re dehumanizing each other. These are people in some cases we’ve known for years, or our kids have gone to school together. We’re all going to have to live together after this,” said Farrow.

Regarding the idea of a mandate, Wininger said public health is her main priority. She wants the people of Duncan to know whatever decision is made won’t last forever.

“This is not a permanent thing, we are asking for something temporary to get us through. ALl the way into early Spring, past the height of flu season when vaccines become more readily available,” said Wininger.

The meeting is set for tomorrow at 5:15 in the Duncan Council Chamber located inside the Duncan Police Dept.

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