A Day in the Life: Legal Services

A Day in the Life: Legal Services-12/10/20

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -The mission of the legal office on Fort Sill is to serve soldiers.

In this A Day in the Life segment, 7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk learned what services the legal office provides, and who can access them.

The legal office provides many different services to soldiers.

“Estate planning, so we will draft wills, powers of attorneys, any transfer of deaths deeds,” said Captain Mark Dannog. “We’ll also help with family law, such as child custody support, divorce. We’ll also help soldiers draft rebuttals. And we are notary’s.”

Which is just some of the many services they offer. Captain Mark Dannog is one of the legal assistance attorneys on post. He says their jobs are important in helping keep the ARMY going.

“We want to take care of whatever problems they have at home or on the side, so that they can focus on serving their country,” said Dannog.

Sgt. Jessica Putnam says because Lawton/Fort Sill is such a big retiree community, they serve a lot of veterans as well. She loves that it’s always someone new walking through the doors.

“Not only do I get to see my fellow peers come in, but I get to see their family members,” said Putnam. “And I also get to see the retirees and their family members. I love that they get to come in. My retirees are probably my favorite because they love to tell stories. Especially when we’re doing will executions. They’re filled with amazing knowledge about the military prior to when we were all enlisted.”

Putnam says for anyone who has questions or needs legal advice, don’t hesitate to call them.

“We’re here for anybody,” said Putnam. “Even if you think that we can’t service you, give us a call anyway because we can always find a way to help you even if it means that we have to do some extra research on our end or our attorneys have to do some extra research, we’ll reach out to the community and put feelers our there so we can get the soldier exactly what they need.”

For more information on the legal office, or for legal advice, you can contact their office.

Tune in for our next A Day in the Life segment on a basic trainee at Fort Sill.

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