Tipton Public Schools gets new STEM/Ag building

Tipton Public Schools gets new STEM/Ag building-12/15/20

TIPTON, Okla. (TNN) -After a years worth of construction, Tipton Public Schools officials are proud to announce the completion of the new STEM and Agriculture building.

It’s a project twenty-five years in the making. Right now, students at Tipton Public Schools are working on projects in a 60 year old building, but come January, they’ll finish them up at their brand new building.

It’s a facility that brings new opportunities and better safety features, such as the installment of six welding bays.

“Each bay has an individual air filtration system that pulls it up and sends it up through this collection bin and then puts out clean air again,” said Superintendent Steve Glenn.

Ag instructor Tim White says, the new facility will make room to add additional areas of interests for the students.

“This will allow students to finish maybe an ag communications certificate,” said White. “It will allow students to finish an ag power & tech certificate, or a food science certificate, and it will just allow them to pick and choose a little more in their strength areas of what they want to do in the future.”

A new addition to the program will be the food science processing system, something White says the whole community could benefit from.

“When you have lots of vegetables and lots of crops grown in the area, maybe this is a place that we can bring in the community, and say let’s can some vegetables. So this is a community building,” said White.

“Everybody is excited because not only is this gonna be our Ag building for all of our FFA classes, we’re also going to use it for professional development,” said Glenn. “We’re going to use it anytime we have speakers come in. The buildings going to be used by everyone in the school system at some point in time.”

Superintendent Glenn says none of this could have been possible without the continuous support from the community.

“It’s really a tribute to our community and our kids to show that no matter where we’re at, small school, big school, we can offer anything they can, and we have the resources to have something this nice,” said Glenn. “It is really great for our school system.”

Glenn says they were able to complete the project, under budget by about 145 thousand dollars. That money will be used in other ways such as for furnishing the building.

Tipton Public Schools is currently doing virtual learning after a COVID outbreak with their faculty. They are hoping to be back to in person learning in January, just in time for the grand opening of the new facility.

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