A Day in the Life: Basic Combat Trainee

A Day in the Life: Basic Combat Trainee-12/17/20

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -Fort Sill gets new basic trainees every week, with thousands on post at any given time.

They face 10 weeks of long, physically and mentally challenging training to become a soldier for the United States Army.

7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk shows us a Day in the Life of a basic trainee on Fort Sill.

Throughout the course of their 10 weeks, there are several tests the trainees must complete, such as different obstacle courses and weapons qualifications.

Private Elizabeth Taylor says one of the most memorable moments for her, was spending the night in a tent by herself.

“I’ve been camping many times before, but this was different because you were by yourself,” said Taylor. “It was freezing cold. So that was something I’ve never experienced before, because I’ve gone camping in the summer, not the winter. So it was difficult, but good. Now I know I can do it.”

Another test they have to go through, is the gas chamber.

“So we basically put on our masks and make sure we know how to clear it, and then we go inside and make us do some exercises, runaround, turn our heads, and make us clear our masks again,” said Private Jordan Stimmel. “And then we go into the other chamber and they start the fumes, and then we have to lift our masks up and say the soldiers creed.”

The army’s drill sergeants are responsible for shaping the minds and bodies of the new recruits, something Sgt. Daniel Cook says has been the highlight of his career.

“Seeing them make the transformation from civilian to soldier, and seeing the natural leaders show themselves, and kind of develop their leadership,” said Cook. “I enjoy teaching them and turning them from civilians to soldiers.”

Private Taylor says so far, training has been difficult, but it’s taught her the importance of resiliency.

“You really have to have a good positive mindset and push yourself to do things you didn’t think you can,” said Taylor. “As soon as you start doubting yourself, that’s when things can go wrong.”

Once the recruits finish their training, they will branch off to start their advanced individual training.

Tune in for our next A Day in the Life segment on the military police, and their many different roles on Fort Sill.

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