School officials share thoughts about being pushed up on vaccine list

School officials give thoughts on being pushed up on vaccine list

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Educators and school support staff are being moved up to phase two of the state’s distribution plan for the Coronavirus vaccine.

It’s a controversial topic to get the Covid-19 vaccine or not.

But Central Middle School Principal Jerrold Jones said he is all in and plans to get the vaccination the first chance he gets.

“I think it’s wise because some of the things I’ve been seeing on the national and local news is that people are apprehensive especially in certain communities. That they don’t trust physician, that they don’t trust the doctors, or the scientist when it comes to the shot I believe in the science and so I’m ready to be a representative to say hey it’s okay,” Jones said.

Jones said the move is just another step in getting back to normal and having all 800 students roam the halls of Central Middle School again.

“I believe that school is the best place for students to be. I don’t believe that students should necessarily be at home all the time because we are a safe haven, we are a place that students learn multiple skills to include reading, writing, and arithmetic,” Jones said.

Cache Public School Superintendent Chad Hance said he is excited about the bump in phases as he is planning to get his shot and is urging teachers to do the same.

“I think if we can get that to our teachers as soon as possible I think that would be beneficial. But it’s definitely a personal choice for teachers to decide if they want to take that vaccine or not,” Hance said.

Hance feels teachers are at high risk because of the face to face interaction in the classroom.

“Every day those students who dawn our doors they come from a different environment.”

Hance said he hopes getting the vaccine will set an example for teachers.

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