Wallace family welcomes Grayson, Lawton’s first 2021 baby

Wallace family welcomes Grayson, Lawton’s first 2021 baby

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - It’s been a hectic few weeks for the Wallace family. A move to Lawton- Ft. Sill from South Korea and now their first child, a little boy named Grayson.

“To end it on a good note or start the new year was beautiful with this little bundle of joy,” said Brittneigh Wallace.

“Our first child, my son. I love him to death already and I think this year is going to be 100 times better,” said Brandon Wallace

Grayson actually born a few weeks early. His nurse and parents both mentioned the snow representing a clean slate.

“Right after he was born, I looked outside and saw all the rain turn to snow, I knew it was special.”

Brittneigh’s water broke Thursday morning early. They spent all of New Years Eve waiting on his arrival.

“That was the first thing they said to us, and we were like no it’s not going to happen, no way. Low and behold we had him 20 minutes after the new year.”

With the pregnancy starting around the same time as the global lockdown, Brittneigh said she hopes Grayson is prepared for a life of quarantine baby jokes.

“We’ve heard it from the beginning that he’s the quarantine baby. He was planned but we think it’s funny, it’s not going to bother us one bit, or growing up knowing you are part of this little movement.”

That little movement is the expected pandemic baby boom... shortly after Grayson’s birth, two other babies were born right after.

“There’s been jokes since the beginning of quarantine. You can’t go anywhere else, what else do you do? We think there’s going to be a baby boom,” said CCMH RN Gala Searcy

The hospital did send the Wallace’s home with a gift basket for Grayson.

They are waiting on all of their belongings from Korea but they do have a crib.

Another cool part of today for the Wallace family... Grayson’s great grandfather was also born on New Years Day.

Brandon and Brittney say they can’t wait for Grayson to meet his birthday twin.

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