Stephens Co. Health Dept. preparing for weekly coronavirus vaccinations in Duncan

Stephens Co. Health Dept. preparing for weekly coronavirus vaccinations in Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - More coronavirus vaccines will be rolled out in Stephens County later this week, but the first session of vaccinations scheduled for Thursday is already full.

The Stephens County Health Department will begin distributing vaccines to health care workers, first responders and people over the age of 65 Thursday. Spots on day one of the vaccinations filled up fast but fortunately, you’ll be able to get your shot every Thursday in Duncan.

“We are going to start a regular pod, which is a point of distribution location, for vaccinations of the COVID 19 vaccine for the Stephens County area that will be set up in Duncan. That will become a regular pod every Thursday and that really does depend week to week on how much vaccine we have,” said Region Eight Regional Health Director Mendy Spohn.

That will be every Thursday at the Stephens County Fairgrounds. There will also be other opportunities popping up in the surrounding areas depending on vaccine availability. Each district, which covers several counties, gets a select number of vaccines that has to be distributed across the area.

“My small counties like Jefferson County deserve to have an access point as well. That county will end up having a pop-up pod. Once we have vaccine available. Or there could be ways to get it through the health department for the smaller communities. There are plans in place, we’re still in the very beginning of this,” Spohn said.

As we progress into the coming weeks, the hope is that you’ll be able to get vaccinated by people other than your local health department.

“This is not the only way the public can get the vaccine. As we progress through this pandemic response, we intend to have vaccines at our urgent cares, at our primary cares, not yet, it’s not there yet. But as we move through, we will have other providers who can give vaccines, not just the health departments,” Spohn said.

The best way to stay informed of how to sign up for a vaccine is to follow your local health department’s Facebook page.

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